Recent Before & After Photos

Fire to a Commercial Vendor

Can you imagine if your business is only opened on weekends and you have a fire days before the weekend?What a devastating loss it would be to not be up and run... READ MORE

Large Commercial Kitchen Fire

This business suffered a fire due to clogged vents of grease. SERVPRO of Howard County was there to helpWhen we visit a business after a loss, we will first sco... READ MORE

Storm Surge Soaks HoCo Bathroom With Sewage

In cases of major or aggressive storms, storm surges can follow along with other storm related damages. Why are storm surges such a pain for your property? Stor... READ MORE

Sewage Leaves Local Association Waterlogged

We aren't kidding when we say that SERVPRO of Howard County is open 24/7. Our teams responded to a call from the Weinberg Association in the wee hours of the mo... READ MORE

Flooding Let Mud In

Severe flooding is devastating enough as is, but add additional run off and debris into the mix? It makes for a dangerous recipe. This Ellicott City business la... READ MORE

Uncovering Mold Doesn't Need To Be Stressful

We talk about it a lot, but it is important to us that you know finding mold doesn't have to be the outright nightmare it can sometimes feel like. Mold certainl... READ MORE

Sub Pump Failure Submerges Basement Flooring

Flooding anywhere in your home can be the last thing anyone needs, but a flooded basement can be one of the ultimate inconveniences on your property. More often... READ MORE

Dish Washer Overload!

Our SERVPRO of Howard County teams were called to a local home after a dishwasher sprung a leak. In cases like these, the damage can be minimal or surprisingly ... READ MORE

Cut Mold Out of Your Life

Mold abatement might seem impossible if you're trying to tackle it on your own...but like we always say: have no fear, SERVPRO is here!Finding mold can feel lik... READ MORE

Re-Discovering Ellicott City After The Storm

Seemingly every home and business in Old Ellicott City was hurt by the major storm and flash flooding in July of 2016. Old Ellicott City is such an important co... READ MORE