Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Your Sink Shouldn't Run Over with Mold

As we always say, mold can find a way to grow pretty much everywhere. Your sink is supposed to be clean so you can clean things in it; however, in cases of hoarding, mold in the least likely places becomes far more possible. Other mold remediation companies might not be as sensitive with such delicate issues like hoarding or mold. That's why our SERVPRO professionals are specifically trained to address such situations with care and efficiency.

Water Feeds The Mold

SERVPRO of HoCo responded to a water damage incident in a Howard County home whose hot water heater had leaked. The water damage caused some issues, but nothing our professionals couldn't handle once we arrived on scene! As you know by now, if you follow our content, water damage can lead to secondary mold damage if it isn't handled properly. This picture shows what can happen if you don't call SERVPRO as soon as you suspect water damage in your home.

Spotted: Mold Spottings Hiding in Your Ceiling

Even the smallest drip drop of water in your attic or ceiling can feed enough mold to cause some serious issues for you and your home...but have no fear, SERVPRO is here!

Rub-A-Dub-Dub...Mold In Your Tub?!

Your shower can often times be a common breeding ground for all kinds of mold and bacteria. The best place to get clean can harbor the worst kinds of germs. Eek!

Specifically Trained for Specific Jobs

One of our technicians on a mold job working to make the space below safe for our team to mitigate the mold in the home's attic above. 

These procedures are part of special mold remediation training.

We aren't ~fans~ of mold!

Some of our drying equipment on scene after a water damage incident.

Thorough drying is important to us so mold doesn't grow in your home or business after water damage.